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Were it not for working as a teen and self funding my entire college education, I wouldn’t be inclined to get behind this cause. First work experiences, while mine are not unique, impacted my life in ways that I know my sons won’t ever know.

Teens aren’t working, as a society we have raised the bar on education (applauded naturally), but to our detriment we lowered our priorties for acquiring early work experiences as well as developing first soft skills. I was scared for my boys future, until Skratch.

Thank you for offering to share your expertise and connections with us. We are diligently working to unearth partnerships with aligned organizations. As a modern answer to a growing problem that has teens on the sidelines and out of the labor force, Skratch has a solution. Teens are perfect for serving as excellent sports mentors, pet partners, parent helpers and event support staff. The Skratch app tracks all of the task the Teens complete so they have a digital "resume" to submit for college applications and to future employers. Additionally, one percent of our net revenue is directed to college scholarships and awarded to our top performers.

- Lindsay Feldman, Director of Strategic Partnerships



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