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At MyMazuma, we love teachers! Why? Ask Margie Kryka from Verona. She’s one teacher who changes lives, and there are thousands of other teachers in Wisconsin just like her.

As you’ve probably heard, on November 30, 2017¬†Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker signed a new law asking school districts in Wisconsin to incorporate financial literacy instruction in the classroom, so Wisconsin teachers are being asked to teach financial literacy. Over 30% of Wisconsin school districts still need to adopt some type of curriculum. MyMazuma makes this process just a little easier for all you teachers scrambling for curriculum ideas.

Here’s how can help:

  • Search for the term “curriculum” (no need to type “Wisconsin” into the Where Are You Located box).
  • Click the green “Learn” button.
You should see about 20 different resources that you can review. Click the image below to visit the search results page instantly!

Mymazuma Teachers

Here’s how you can help other teachers:

  1. Create an account and rate the resources. It’s the best way for you and your fellow warriors to know what works and what doesn’t.¬†Why should you do it? ‘Cause you’re awesome and we know it.
  2. Ask a friend to do the same.
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