How It Works (For Providers)

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Welcome to MyMazuma! You’re here because you provide financial education resources to consumers. To get started with MyMazuma…


Join Our Community

Create a Provider account by clicking “For Providers” and telling us a little bit about you and your organization. Your profile is where you’ll find analytics from and a list of all your resources.


Add A Resource

A resource can be anything from an online webinar, to in-person training, to collateral material, to educational videos. Our simple process will allow you to easily add as many resources as you like, for FREE. Customize your resource listing’s appearance in search reports with your logo and a topical image of your choice.


Work Your Magic

Share your expertise with all who have signed up for your resources. Users will be able to comment on and rank your resources to help others’ experience. You will also be able to comment back to stay connected with users. We hope you will help MyMazuma become the premier online hub for Financial Education.


MyMazuma is the perfect customized financial education resource for all ages and walks of life. Here are some frequently asked questions about how this resource works:

Do I have to pay to post my resources on MyMazuma?

No. An unlimited number of resources can be added to your Provider Profile free of charge.

Do I need to create a Provider Profile in order to post resources to MyMazuma?

Yes. While consumers can browse your offerings without logging in, in order to enter your programs and have them associated with your organization you must create a Provider user login on MyMazuma.

How can I make sure my target audience finds my resources on MyMazuma?

The best way to improve your programs’ rankings in MyMazuma’s search results is to completely fill out the program listing information. Every category has an impact in the search results, so don’t leave anything blank!

Will I be able to manage comments and ratings consumers make on my resources?

No. While MyMazuma will not allow defamatory or profane language in comments, providers will not be allowed to remove negative ratings and consumer comments from any program listing.

Can I include images or my logo on the resource listing?

Yes. If you’ve uploaded a profile photo to your Provider Profile page, that will be the default picture for all of your resources. You will also be able to select a photo for each individual resource listing if you choose.

How will visitors who see my resource sign up?

When you’re entering the resource listing on your Provider Profile, be sure to include a link back to your own website where visitors can register to attend. MyMazuma does not have a registration or payment system.