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Welcome to MyMazuma! You’re here because you’re looking for answers to your money-related questions, and you’ve come to the right place. Time to get started…


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Finding answers to your money questions is simple on MyMazuma. Just answer the questions “What do you want to learn about?” and/or “Where are you located?” and click LEARN to instantly find a list of programs, articles, classes and videos.


Join our community

Create an account with MyMazuma (we’ll never sell or publish your information anywhere… it’s just between us). Then you can bookmark resources for later, follow your favorite providers, and see all of the reviews you’ve left.


Pay it forward

Descriptions, peer reviews and ratings helped you find the perfect resource for you. Pay it forward by rating and reviewing the resources you’ve used and help others in the MyMazuma community discover the right solution for them.


MyMazuma is the perfect customized financial education resource for all ages and walks of life. Here are some frequently asked questions about how this resource works:

Do I have to pay to use MyMazuma?

Nope! MyMazuma is totally free for consumers. Some of the resources you find on MyMazuma may charge a fee, but they will be clearly marked in the description.

Do I need to create a profile in order to use MyMazuma?

No, but you might want to. Logging in will allow you to save resources to your private profile, making it easy for you to come back to them later if you’re not ready to sign up yet. Your profile is not visible to anyone else, and is your one-stop-shop for your favorite resources and Providers.

How do I find the best resources for me on MyMazuma?

At the top of every page in MyMazuma you’ll see a search bar with two boxes: What do you want to learn about? and Where are you located? These are the two main ways to search through MyMazuma’s catalogue of resources: topic and location (you only need one to perform a search). Once you click “Learn” you’ll be able to refine your search by category, proficiency level, Provider, and many other sorting options.

How do I access/sign up for resources I’m interested in?

When you find a resource you’re interested in, click on the tile or title and you’ll see a page with a full description. From there, click on the “Sign Up” button to leave MyMazuma and visit the Provider’s page to sign up or view the resource.

How do I write a review or rate a resource?

First, join our community by creating a profile. Then, find the resource you want to review/rate and click “Leave a Review” or type in your review/rating right at the bottom of the page.

How do I know all the information on MyMazuma is trustworthy?

MyMazuma staff will remove any resources or providers who post predatory or misleading content. More importantly, the MyMazuma community can control which resources people find through ratings and reviews. Finally, does not receive any funding or compensation from any resource provider.