YWCA SEW Auto Loan Access Program

YWCA SEW Auto Loan Access Program

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Auto Loan Access Program

Through financial education and budget coaching, YWCA Southeast Wisconsin helps credit-challenged residents of Milwaukee, Ozaukee, and Washington counties secure low-interest vehicle loans through its Auto Loan Access Program.

Six Steps to Better Credit and a Low-Interest Vehicle Loan

  1. Call 414-267- 3240 to review eligibility requirements.
  2. Attend a 90-minute information and education session.
  3. With a financial coach, create a household budget and review your credit report.
  4. Submit your completed loan request form to the Advisory Committee.
  5. Begin your search for a reliable vehicle and full-coverage car insurance.
  6. Build your credit by making monthly, on-time loan repayments.

Program Eligibility

  • Resident of Milwaukee, Waukesha, Ozaukee, or Washington Counties
  • Valid Wisconsin driver's license
  • 18+ years old
  • Challenged credit
  • Ability to repay loan
  • Currently employed 6+ months at 20+ hours per week
  • No open bankruptcy
  • Meet household size/annual income guidelines: 1 person/$39,350, 2 person/$45,250, 3 person/$50,900, 4 person/$56,550, 5 person/$61,050, 6 person/$65,600

*Call 414-267-3240 for the complete list of program eligibility requirements.

Call us today to get started!   414-267-3240












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