Curriculum: Bank It

“Bank It delivers real-world financial topics and tools for everyone that make it easier to understand, talk about and manage money.”

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About Bank It

Through Bank It, Parents, Teens and Children Will:

1. Learn how to make positive money choices—starting now.

2. Become more comfortable with talking about and managing money.

3. Discover how to avoid common money traps.

4. Identify easy steps to reach their financial dreams.

5. Find people and resources to support them in making money choices.


1. Children (grades 3 to 6)

2. Teenagers (grades 6 to 12)

3. Parents

4. Volunteers (workshop leaders and community partners)

Bank It grades 6 to 12 is also available in Spanish

Benefits of Bank It

1. Helps improve family communication about money by providing tools, ideas and encouragement for both parents and young people.

2. Offers positive, empowering and practical guidance to help children, teens and parents make better money choices.

3. Blends sound financial information, interactive learning and the 40 Developmental Assets that kids need to grow up successfully.

4. Reaches parents, teens and children where they are most comfortable—in community-based settings.

5. Introduces all 29 of the “National Standards in K-12 Personal Finance Education” from the Jump$tart Coalition for

Personal Financial Literacy.

6. Equips youth workers, teachers, parent educators and other leaders to address financial literacy.

7. Is easy, free, flexible and convenient to use.

Program Partners

As a collaborative project of Capital One and Search Institute, Bank It grounds financial literacy in a strength-based approach to youth and family development. This approach affirms that families who talk about financial challenges, values and choices together are stronger and make better choices.

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