Educators & community leaders: bring financial education lessons and volunteers to your teens

“Educators & community leaders: our volunteers and curriculum can change the lives of your students!”

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Our goal is to see all high school students graduate with an understanding of personal finance. Annually, approximately 100 schools and community groups share this vision and open their classrooms to our financial education lessons for thousands of area teenagers. Course topics include budgeting, saving and using credit wisely. At no cost to educators, our programs deliver financial courses taught by trained and verified community business leaders.

In many schools we serve as the primary source of financial literacy programming, delivering lessons to an entire grade level through a required course such as U.S. History or Economics. In other schools, we provide a beneficial supplement to personal finance or elective classes, through interactive presentations delivered by engaging speakers with real-world experience. We also deliver lessons in a variety of community-based, youth-serving organizations and programs. Our programming is flexible and can be customized for varied needs. Our goal is to serve wherever there is a gap.

Let’s discuss a program plan that will bring the most value to your students.

Contact: Kristen Ruhl, Program Director

[email protected]

(414) 273-8101

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