O.M.G. Official Money Guide for College Students

“Award-winning guide that shows students how to get the most out of college by having a financial game plan - and how to create a plan.”

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This comprehensive book on personal finance is written specifically for college students and is filled with expert advice, quick tips, helpful resources and real life examples to help students get their heads around managing their everyday money. It shows them how to skillfully avoid making common mistakes and how to build good financial habits that will last a lifetime and save them thousands of dollars in the long run. This book makes it clear that getting the most of college depends on having a financial game plan and, accordingly, it shows students how to do just that.

Authors: Award-winning authors Susan P. Beacham and Michael L. Beacham, founders of Money Savvy Generation.

52 Pages

Intended for ages 17-22


1. What’s This Going To Cost?

2. How Do I Keep My Expenses Under Control?

3. What If I Need To Make Money?

4. Will Student Loans Hang Over My Head Forever?

5. What Do I Need To Know About Debt?

6. What’s The Best Way To Pay For That?

7. How Does A Credit Card Really Work?

8. How Do I Choose The Right Bank?

9. How Can I Give Back?

10. Resources

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